Good things take time. OK, let's give'em 3 minutes!
BAIHU instant noodles indulge your palate with refined taste and clean ingredients.
We offer you a fast and delicious meal full of untamed natural powers. As pure and wild as instant noodles can be.
The Noodles
...are made of 100% durum wheat and have been carefully steamed and dried. That means, no unhealthy trans fatty acids or saturated fats, no empty calories but an ingredient which contains necessary nutrients and protein. You can not only see the quality of our noodles but also taste it.
The Veggies
... have been freeze-dried and therefore retain almost 100% of their nutrients, natural flavors and colors.
The Spices and Herbs
...fulfill our expectations of great taste and quality. Premium taste derives from premium quality, all right!
The Result
... can be compared with a symphonic orchestra. A variety of well-matched fine spices and herbs perform a harmonic composition of multifaceted taste.
BAiHU Principles
100% Natural, 100% Vegan, 0% Bullshit.
Our dishes demand purity and cleanliness to the highest extent: That means no artificial ingredients, flavor enhancers or other rubbish.
- No compromises -